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7 Tips to Combat Homeschooling Weight Gain

COVID-19 is forcing many parents into the role of teacher or assistant to the teacher. With many kids in homeschool and virtual school, parents are more sedentary than ever. Academia is an inherently stationary activity. While younger children can learn while being active, older students have challenging work that requires more sitting time. Without a […]

Is Bariatric Surgery Worth It?

If you struggle with obesity or obesity-related health complications, you may be wondering if bariatric surgery is worth the time and money involved. Researching the subject on the internet can turn up glowing reviews of weight loss surgery, while other results may create confusion, fear, and more questions. Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Surgery Knowing […]

6 Bariatric-Friendly Fast-Food Takeout Options

Between the isolation, stress, and COVID-19 fatigue, diet planning during a pandemic is challenging. Staying well-stocked on healthy staples is critical to staying on track with your bariatric diet. Having healthy proteins and sides on hand can help you avoid making unhealthy meal choices when you’re short on time and ideas. Some good options include […]

6 Tips to Manage Special Occasions After Bariatric Surgery

If you’re considering a bariatric procedure, you may be wondering about how your day-to-day life will change after surgery. You’ll need to make diet changes, learn new bariatric-friendly meals, make sure you stay hydrated, and figure out when to fit exercise into your agenda. The holiday season and special occasions require even more planning, as […]

High Protein Bariatric Meal Ideas for Vegetarians

Eating enough protein is critical after bariatric surgery, but it can be challenging for patients in the early weeks and months after their surgery. Many people struggle to consume meats after bariatric surgery due to their new anatomy and shift to a vegetarian diet by default. However, vegetarian meals can present balance issues when it […]

What Weight Loss Surgery is Covered by Insurance?

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, you’ve likely done preliminary research about the benefits, risks, and cost. Given that weight loss procedures can cost upward of $20,000 out of pocket, sticker shock may bring your weight loss journey to a halt. However, many insurance providers now offer coverage for bariatric surgery. In fact, most insurance […]

6 Tips to Avoid Pandemic Weight Gain During the Winter

As COVID-19 continues to keep people at home, you may start to notice your weight creeping up on the scale. Several factors contribute to this including stress eating, leading more sedentary lives (i.e. telecommuting), and accessibility. Many people stormed the grocery stores when the pandemic first made waves in the United States, buying up staple […]

5 Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving After Bariatric Surgery

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s become synonymous with overindulging on decadent food with family and friends. Given how well-established this tradition is in many households, bariatric patients aren’t likely to change their family’s viewpoint on the matter. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a family Thanksgiving after weight loss surgery. With the proper planning, […]

5 Tips for Successful Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a helpful tool to jumpstart weight loss for people who haven’t had success through diet and exercise. While all surgeries come with risks, doing nothing is often much worse. Obesity can cause several significant health issues, and bariatric surgery can help patients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bariatric surgery isn’t a […]

How to Eat Out at Restaurants After Bariatric Surgery

For many bariatric patients, the thought of going out to eat after surgery is a bit frightening. Thoughts of  “I can’t eat anything on here” or “nothing on the menu is healthy” are common concerns. There is good news. Life after bariatric surgery doesn’t mean eating a bland diet of home-cooked meals every day for […]