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5 Tips for Successful Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a helpful tool to jumpstart weight loss for people who haven’t had success through diet and exercise. While all surgeries come with risks, doing nothing is often much worse. Obesity can cause several significant health issues, and bariatric surgery can help patients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bariatric surgery isn’t a […]

How to Eat Out at Restaurants After Bariatric Surgery

For many bariatric patients, the thought of going out to eat after surgery is a bit frightening. Thoughts of  “I can’t eat anything on here” or “nothing on the menu is healthy” are common concerns. There is good news. Life after bariatric surgery doesn’t mean eating a bland diet of home-cooked meals every day for […]

Is Bariatric Surgery Right for Me?

With COVID-19 keeping many people at home, some individuals decided to use the downtime to kick start new diets or at-home exercise routines. However, as the pandemic stretched from weeks into months, many lost their motivation. Maintaining enthusiasm is a common struggle among dieters as many fail to see measurable results despite weeks of healthy […]

How is COVID-19 Affecting People with Eating Disorders?

A simple Google search will yield countless results regarding COVID-19 and weight. In fact, the #1 result for the search is the phone number for the National Eating Disorders Association. Frustrations range from weight gain to slow weight loss progress to irritation with the jokes about gaining the “COVID 19” or “quarantine 15.” However, while […]

What Happens After Weight Loss Surgery?

Undergoing bariatric surgery is a life-altering event for many people. After struggling unsuccessfully to lose weight, many overweight individuals feel defeated and hopeless about losing the excess pounds. However, health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and more loom on the horizon for overweight individuals. As a result, many people struggling with obesity or weight-related […]

How to Stop Gaining Weight During COVID-19

It’s not a secret that many Americans are noticing an alarming amount of weight gain as they remain indoors to adhere to social distancing and stay at home orders. While some are still attempting to maintain their workout routines, many are beginning to complain about the number on the scale creeping up or their clothes […]

7 Reliable Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Even with regular exercise and decent dietary habits, weight loss can remain a challenge. Now that many individuals are stuck at home due to the coronavirus, maintaining healthy eating habits and exercise routines are even more difficult. If you’re noticing the number on the scale creep up over the days spent at home adhering to […]