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Cave-men and Calories… How’d we get so confused?

As a doctor that specializes in all aspects of the weight loss journey, I have an opportunity to debunk a tremendous amount of misconceptions.  One of the most prevalent is the idea that ancient humanity had a much easier time with their weight than we all do in modern times. Bottom line – the degree […]

How Much Can You “GAIN?”

“How much have you lost?” That is probably the most common question we hear in Doctor Waldrep’s weight wellness office. Now, did you notice that I did not say ‘Dr. Waldrep’s weightloss” practice? That is because for so long, we have all focused on what we do not have, or do not want. Our mission […]

Calories are not snowballs

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions in weight loss management is that people who are overweight – even very overweight – are sitting at a table eating mountains of food. Most patients who come to see me express intense frustration with their weight. They swear to me up and down that their weight problem is […]

Feeding the Hungry Soul

Most of us eat three times a day, but how often do feel really satiated? We know a heap of blueberry pancakes and fried bacon satisfies us much more than a half grapefruit. But we tell ourselves that it’s not “healthy” to indulge ourselves. Instead of eating with gusto and enjoying the experience, we hold […]