5 Benefits of Water Workouts for Bariatric Patients

When Can I Start Water Workouts after Bariatric Surgery?

Exercise is critical for long-term weight loss success after bariatric surgery. However, you may not know where to start or what is safe for your body if you’re just getting started. Water workouts are a great option to expedite weight loss after bariatric surgery, regardless of your fitness level. It’s also something you can begin quickly after surgery. Most patients can start swimming three to four weeks after surgery once their incisions heal.

Why Water Workouts are GReat for Bariatric Patients

Working out in the water is also a great exercise option all year round. You can spend time in your backyard pool in the summer or participate in a water aerobics class during the chillier months. The following are several ways water workouts are great for bariatric patients.

  1. Water supports your joints. Joint pain can be a significant hindrance when trying to lose weight. Painful knees can make many exercises almost impossible, but not so with water workouts. The water’s buoyancy reduces your weight and eases the strain on your joints.
  2. You’re less sweaty in the water. While sweat is often a strong indicator of your exertion level, it can be frustrating to deal with during exercise. It can run into your eyes or make it difficult to grip weights. The water helps keep your temperature stable, meaning you sweat less even when working hard.
  3. Exercising in the water provides total body resistance. Resistance workouts are great for building strength but typically require heavy weights or equipment. Water workouts can double as cardio and weight training. The water slows your body movements, requiring more effort to perform various exercises.
  4. Water workouts are family friendly. Kids love to play in the pool, and you can enjoy some family time while also getting in your workout for the day. Adult family members can also set up pool games, like water polo, water volleyball, or water basketball.
  5. It’s fun and easy on the brain. You may find yourself mentally exhausted by the end of the day after finishing all your work and life obligations. Water workouts are a great option when you don’t have the mental energy to find a workout or perform complex sets. Exercising in the water can be as simple as swimming laps or as engaging as a lively group workout.

Swimming is one of the few full-body exercises that almost anyone can do. It provides cardio benefits and weight training opportunities. It also improves your core strength and alleviates the impact on your joints. Additionally, unlike traditional weight training workouts, it doesn’t require expensive equipment.

Are you ready to take the next step on your weight loss journey? Schedule a consultation to learn how bariatric surgery can benefit you.


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