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Feeding the Hungry Soul

Most of us eat three times a day, but how often do feel really satiated? We know a heap of blueberry pancakes and fried bacon satisfies us much more than a half grapefruit. But we tell ourselves that it’s not “healthy” to indulge ourselves. Instead of eating with gusto and enjoying the experience, we hold ourselves in check at the hope of losing those pounds. This limitation doesn’t just involve our food choices; it’s reflected in other aspects of our lives, like our creativity, focus and energy. We stuff our healthy need for body, mind and soul nourishment down, hoping our strong determination alone can hold it all together.

Most people believe and are convinced that weight loss involves depriving themselves of all the things that nourish us.  The trick to healthy weight loss starts with destroying our unhealthy mental beliefs about weight.  For example, most people believe that weight problems are caused by lack of willpower or that the answer to weight issues is simply to “eat less and exercise more.”  Sound familiar?  If only it could be that simple!

The truth is, a healthy diet does not mean chocolate soufflé is permanently off the menu. The first step is to get educated based on proven science. For example, did you know that delicious foods, such as carbohydrates, make us feel calm and content? These foods change our brain’s chemistry by increasing levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a natural feel-good enzyme created in the body. Think of it this way: pasta and potatoes are nature’s version of an anti-depressant!

When we begin to untangle so many of our self-imposed prejudices surrounding food, it begins our path to successful weight loss.  In fact, lusty appetites are “natural,” rather than a personal failing.  The importance here is portion size versus having the self-control to completely deprive ourselves the joy of tantalizing our taste buds.

Start building your foundation to a much healthier view about hunger, your body, and your needs.  Email Us today learn how Dr. Waldrep can show you alternative ways to help you succeed in your weight loss journey!

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