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Dr. Donald Waldrep

Dr. Donald Waldrep

Dr. Donald J Waldrep, MD FACS, developed what has been called “a top tier bariatric surgery practice” in the US. Innovator of “The WRAP” – the new stomach re-shaping procedure revolutionizing weight loss surgery – Dr. Waldrep has successfully helped thousands of patients reach their weight loss goals.

Dr. Waldrep and his patients have been featured on NBC-TV, ABC-TV, E! Entertainment, USA, Sacramento Bee, the Ventura Star, and nationally syndicated health and weight loss specials.

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1. Qualified and Professional Weight Loss Specialist in Beverly Hills

Weight loss is difficult for many Americans today, but the fundamental secret to weight loss success is to decrease stomach capacity in order to eat less and lose weight more effectively. Dr. Waldrep has founded the most effective bariatric clinic in Beverly Hills, specializing in the procedures needed to make this happen. With minimal recovery time and a team of experienced professionals at your service, you can finally achieve the lasting weight loss you have always been dreaming of. For exceptional results, there is no more effective method than weight loss surgery in Beverly Hills.

2. The Most Trusted Weight Loss Specialist in Beverly Hills

Dr. Waldrep, innovator of “The WRAP” technique and nationally recognized weight loss specialist in Beverly Hills, has assisted thousands of patients with their weight loss goals. With a specialized bariatric clinic in Beverly Hills, Dr. Waldrep offers a variety of treatments that are personalized and specialized for the individual’s needs. Featured on NBC-TV, ABC-TV and E! Entertainment, it is no wonder that thousands of people turn to Dr. Waldrep for quality bariatric treatment in Beverly Hills each and every year for help reaching their weight loss goals.

3. Comfortable, Specialized Bariatric Treatment Focused On Your Personal Needs

As a full service weight loss specialist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Waldrep’s clinic offers a variety of bariatric treatments, but undoubtedly specializes in ‘The WRAP” treatment. A noninvasive, outpatient treatment, “The WRAP” allows the client to eat less food while still feeling full. Combined with a healthy diet, “The WRAP” treatment has allowed many patients to reach their ideal weight. With a number of alternative options available for bariatric surgery in Beverly Hills, such as gastric bypass, sleeve procedures, gastric bands and more, Dr. Waldrep provides the means to keep that weight off for good.

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