What “Actual Clients” Have To Say About Dr. Waldrep:.

The following comments were written by actual patients of Dr. Waldrep …


Dr. Waldrep is a fabulous surgeon, he also is very personable which is an unusual combo in my experience. He truly puts patient care first.


It’s been a little over 7 months since my surgery, and I still feel the same way about Dr. Waldrep as I did when I first met him … He’s professional, caring, thorough, and very competent. Dr. Waldrep takes the time to go over not only the benefits of surgery, but a realistic look at what is involved, both during the surgery itself as well as the aftercare, including the risks. Although I had to wait to see him, it was worth it to know that he would take whatever time was needed to answer my questions. I received ample information, both verbally and in written form, and always felt that if I had any questions at all, he would honestly answer them for me. From my research as well as my experience it is apparent that Dr. Waldrep is a highly skilled surgeon, and I feel fortunate to have been able to have him oversee my care.


Dr. Waldrep was funny and witty. He was extremely intelligent about the obesity fight. He is excellent. I would rate him a 20/20 very good. I would have to say surgical competence and then bedside manner and he has all of the above and then some.


Even after all these years he still answers my panicky questions… No complaints… I tell everyone it was the best thing I ever did for myself!


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep was that he was a confident man who thoroughly enjoyed his work and could bring humor and compassion to the table. I knew immediately that he would be the person to do my surgery. Meeting him one on one only served to strengthen and reinforce my original opinions. I honestly can’t imagine a better place or a better team to be with on this truly life-changing journey.


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep was based upon everything else I had read about him. His credentials, experience, and all the glowing reports of his expertise won me over. After doing much research, I made up my mind that if I was going to trust anyone… Dr. Waldrep would be the guy. In addition to being a top rate surgeon, with a wonderful bedside manner, Donald Waldrep is also very cute! He seemed a little shy, but has a quiet sense of humor, and kind eyes. He clearly knows his stuff! In between the jokes and humor, I could see a man who genuinely cares about what he does.


Dr. Waldrep is a wonderful-highly skilled surgeon. I consider him the best in California. He performed my surgery with no complications, I highly recommend him to anyone!


First time I met Dr. Waldrep, I knew he was the surgeon for me. He was kind, shy, but with a great sense of humor. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about my weight and I knew he was there to help me through the process. I am so grateful to have had Dr. Waldrep as my surgeon. He changed and possibly saved my life.


My pre-op care was great. My one on one with Dr. Waldrep was great. He helped me make decisions.


SO much more educated and confident than the other surgeon I met with. I don’t think the other surgeon is bad, it’s just that Dr. Waldrep really seems to know his stuff. He is so nice and he took all the time I needed to answer all of my questions. I had several pages of questions written down! Dr. Waldrep worked hard during my surgery to cut down my adhesions so that they could complete the surgery via Lap instead of open and I really appreciate that!


1st Impression: Real life McDreamy. Impression over time: Still McDreamy, but a little goofy too. Like least: NOTHING; I LOVE Dr. Waldrep! Future patients should know: He is a TALL, SKINNY man, but one who truly understands what we’re going through! Rate him overall: 10+ Both surgical competence & bedside manner are important, and Dr. Waldrep has plenty of both!


Dr. Waldrep seems to be a very grounded person with realistic expectations. He seems to honestly understand the problem of obesity and treats his patients with humor as well as sensitivity… he very patiently answered all of my questions and never made me feel like he had other things to do. Sailed through surgery. I would highly recommend his office!


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep is that he is very much a kind and caring person. Doesn’t seem judgmental at all.


If you pick anyone pick Waldrep… the best. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else. Great bedside manner.


Dr. Waldrep and his staff are extremely professional and well-organized for the most part. Dr. Waldrep is very relaxed and easy to talk to. He has a bit of a dry sense of humor, which I love, and is also a bit silly as well. But, always professional. I think that a sense of humor is essential when in a doctor/patient relationship, as it takes the formalness out of the situation and makes it easier to feel free to talk openly with those providing care to you. Dr. Waldrep is a fabulous surgeon with an impeccable record of successes, and an amazingly low rate of complications. His bedside manner is easy going and comfortable. I don’t have a single complaint about the care that he or his staff have provided for me.


I don’t think there is anything that I don’t like about Dr. Waldrep.


I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Waldrep. He really knows his stuff and wants to make sure every patient has the best experience possible.


Please read my blog for my information on Dr. Waldrep. He is fantastic! I could go on forever. The biggest and more important thing for me is that, after meeting him, he COMPLETELY erased any fears I had. I knew that he wanted me to be successful as badly as I wanted it for myself. He honestly gave me such peace about it all. Dr. Waldrep is a very thorough surgeon, and quite a perfectionist (which is a GREAT quality in a surgeon). I found him to be extremely honest and upfront with me. I definitely felt a personal connection with him. That’s what so great about him, I think all his patients do, and it’s sincere on his part, you can feel it. Bottom line: his brilliance and character make him FAR more attractive than his pretty face. If you have a choice in surgeons, I say GO WITH WALDREP!!


Overall I would say I had a GREAT experience with Dr. Waldrep. After the initial consultation, any concerns were relieved. He was very personable and extremely knowledgeable.


Dr. Waldrep is a great Doctor, he is very personable, and really cares about his patients. Dr. Waldrep’s office will do anything to help you get through you weight loss journey. Dr. Waldrep wants all his patients to follow the aftercare instructions and is always available if you need something. Dr. Waldrep explains the surgery and risk, so you can ask as many questions as you might have. He is awesome.


I love the staff and Dr Waldrep. They answered all of my questions and I never felt like just a number. This was the first doctor I have ever been to that I did not find myself uncomfortable in front of. My surgery went perfect! The staff was wonderful and Dr. Waldrep was fantastic! I had the best experience.


Dr. Waldrep has an excellent reputation. He possesses the nice combination of being professional and human at the same time. Dr. Waldrep was referred to me by a primary care doctor who had her surgery by Dr. Waldrep just a couple of years ago, so I figured he must be pretty good! After surgery, I was even more impressed with Dr. Waldrep. The nurses in the hospital and other patients have only the highest esteem for his surgical competence and professionalism.


He’s awesome! Very caring and understanding, and he has a great bedside manner, aside from the fact he is a wonderfully skilled surgeon. I fully trust him with my life.


I had originally heard that he was an awesome surgeon that was not only skilled but had a great bedside manner as well. This was all very true. He was a very capable surgeon, I did not have any complications at all from the surgery. He was very pleasant before and after surgery.


I found Dr. Waldrep to be very easygoing, friendly and receptive. The information he presented was extensive, factual, easy to understand and there were plenty of opportunities for questions and answers. Dr. Waldrep is very easy to talk to and maintains a good sense of humor to make the patient feel at ease. You are always treated with the utmost courtesy and kindness. Dr. Waldrep is honest with the risks of any type of surgery. I found him to be very thorough with your medical history and very open and receptive to any concerns you may have. I feel that I made the best choice for myself and am extremely happy with my entire surgical experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Waldrep’s practice to anyone! I feel like I received the best health care possible.


Well – met with Dr. Waldrep one on one with my husband and all I can say is thank God for this man. He was very knowledgeable and was very attentive towards our questions and concerns. Dr. Waldrep said that really the success with this procedure will lie mainly in the aftercare and following the rules. I would rate him an 11 out of 10. I believe that both competency and bedside manner are equally important, one without the other would not be a success, and so far I believe Dr. Waldrep has portrayed both.


Dr. Waldrep is awesome!


Dr. Waldrep solved any problems I had 2 weeks before I knew I had it!


Dr. Waldrep – I have never been so impressed with the efficiency and caring nature of my treatment. The surgery itself was textbook, and I was out of the hospital in a day and have had no complications, not even nausea! I attribute that to the skilled hands of my doctors. I highly recommend Dr. Waldrep!


Dr. Waldrep, warm and very bright! Dr. Waldrep has a GREAT sense of humor & a GREAT bedside manner. He made me & my family feel very comfortable about everything. It was GREAT! I feel very lucky to have him as my surgeon!


From the first time I met Dr. Waldrep, I felt comfortable with him, and it just reconfirmed my decision that this surgery is the right thing for me. I had every confidence in Dr. Waldrep. I highly recommend.


If your surgeon is Dr. Donald Waldrep, you are in the best hands; professional, kind, fun and knows what the hell he’s doing! Dr. Waldrep never rushes you when you have an appointment. You’re not in and out like most doctors. I have never felt so at home in a doctor’s office as I have felt in Dr. Waldrep’s office. I look forward to seeing him because I know I am in good hands and its going to be an uplifting visit! Dr. Waldrep tells you everything there is to know about the procedure you choose. He gives you the good and the bad in detail. They really made me feel comfortable. I give Dr. Waldrep a standing ovation!


Dr. Waldrep is a charming extremely experienced Bariatric surgeon who has performed over 1000’s of surgeries. I found him to be very thorough in both my medical and personal history; friendly and always smiling and uplifting. I would rate an A+ and would recommend anyone thinking about surgery to meet with Dr. Waldrep to gain confidence and all the necessary info needed to move forward. His surgical and professional competence are impeccable!!


I am very impressed by the program that Dr. Waldrep has in place. He is knowledgeable and shares the information in an easy to understand manner. He has an excellent track record.


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep was very favorable. He is an amazing physician who sincerely cares about the each of his patients. Office staff is professional and very caring. Dr. W. is very busy and so it is difficult to see him. If I were to rate Dr. W. from 1-10 I’d have to give him a 12, he’s that good! His surgical competence is there, bedside manner too. I had to pay a large sum of money out of my own pocket — I’d do it all over again. This surgery isn’t one to be taken lightly and I feel the best surgeon is important.


He was very compassionate, sincere, qualified. I would trust my own relatives to have surgery with him. My impression has never changed about him!!! He was very sensitive and caring person, and was very informative on the risk, but he felt I would have very little problems with surgery. He is the best in my book. EXCELLENT.


Dr. Waldrep is awesome. A great doctor and a really great patient-person.


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep was confidence with a good sense of humor. I was convinced he was the right surgeon for me. You are more than a patient. I would rate Dr. Waldrep to be the best. I would not have anyone else do my surgery.


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep was one of great relief. He did not judge me and that was great, he didn’t make me feel like it was all my fault I was fat. Dr. Waldrep is helping someone else achieve a wonderful “Tool” for an awesome new life. The whole package is wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Waldrep. I would rate Dr. Waldrep a BIG 10. I would do this all over again today!!!!!


What a delightful gentleman! He had us laughing so hard, my friend (who accompanied me was 4 days postop) nearly had to leave she couldn’t stop laughing so hard.


Dr. Waldrep is amazing! They all take such wonderful care of their patients. I am so fortunate that he performed the surgery. I had no complications.


Dr. Waldrep was the principle reason I decided to proceed with surgery. My impression with Dr. Waldrep improved at each visit. Dr. Waldrep’s careful communications was thorough. He listened and responded in kind. I recommend Dr. Waldrep’s skills … I thank God for the contact we had and the fact he performed my surgery.


Dr. Waldrep was very informative and nice and funny from the first time I met him. His bed side manner is awesome and the concern and care I have been shown by him makes me feel like the only patient he has. I know I am not but he is awesome!!


Dana Dr. Waldrep is very calming (and very handsome!) and extremely knowledgeable. He has never let me down! He is very thorough. He is very blunt, to the point and holds nothing back. I would have the surgery done over and over only if Dr. Waldrep was the one taking care of me. Fantastic!


I was very impressed by him and his humor. He really cares about his patients.


I loved Dr. Waldrep.


I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Waldrep’s expertise and his sincere understanding about the challenges people face. He was pleasant, had a great sense of humor and certainly instilled trust in his abilities. I feel Dr. Waldrep is the best surgeon for this surgery because of his excellent stats and his caring personality.


Dr. Waldrep met my criteria for a surgeon easily. He is articulate, funny, personable, compassionate and a great surgeon. He is trained in trauma and I wanted to know if I “got in trouble” on the table he was capable of handling it. I would rate him a 10/10. I think both surgical competence and bedside manner are both equally important and Dr. Waldrep met both.


Dr. Waldrep is very cool people. I appreciate the fact that he takes his time with his patients to answer all their questions, even if it makes him run late for his next appointment.


Very impressed with his knowledge and understanding of obesity and what surgery means to so many people. Very caring and very funny personality. One can’t help feeling comfortable around him. At the consult, we went over my history, what to expect for surgery and in the future. He stayed to answer all my questions, without me feeling rushed out the door. He stresses that this surgery is a “tool” to help in the weight loss road and this tool he can give us. Surgical competence is most important to me, and Dr. Waldrep has a very good history. His great bedside manner is a special bonus!!! I give Dr. a 10 out of ten! Dr. Waldrep did a great job—what else is there to say—if you have a choice in surgeons, Dr. Waldrep is the one!


Dr. Waldrep is a very cool dude. Easy going.


Dr. Waldrep seemed very knowledgeable and confident in himself. He made sure that we knew the complications of this surgery. The doctor also has a very outgoing personality which takes the nervousness out of the whole ordeal. I think his surgical competence and bedside manner are just great. I chose to have Dr. Waldrep perform my surgery. I think he is wonderful and is very caring.


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep was that he was very knowledgeable and kind. I had had a bad experience with another surgeon who strung me along for a year trying to get me to lose weight and every time I did he would move the goal post and though I lost 24 pounds after a while it crept back– as if I was seeking surgery for a lark and not because I had failed for 40 years at dieting—it was like saying to a drunk, we’ll let you into AA, but first you have to get sober! It was torture and I finally left his office in tears knowing that I would never have surgery with that doctor. Dr. Waldrep was very kind in listening to me and agreeing with me about the torture part and he responded to my questions, although I had already read every book and article and talked to friends who had had it so I was pretty well informed to start with. He continued to be kind through the surgery and post-op in the hospital. He has a great sense of humor. It is in keeping with his general brilliance. I highly recommend him and his practice as the best kind available. I am glad I finally got so fed up and frustrated with the other surgeon that I pursued Dr. Waldrep. I am grateful that he was there and took me on as a patient. I had the surgery by the time I would have had to go back to the other surgeon to again fail at dieting.


We cannot say enough complimentary things about Dr. Waldrep. He has gone out of his way to make this journey possible and pleasant. Dr. Waldrep’s skill is nothing short of a miracle. Overall, I’d say he’s the best!


I was so very fortunate to have surgery with Dr. Waldrep. Yes, he is extremely well-qualified. I feel I made the best decision possible in choosing this surgeon. It’s been a wonderful experience!


I’ve learned he has a great aftercare program, cares about his patients, works hard, and lets one know about all the risks of surgery. This surgeon works hard to accommodate all his patients the best he can. His surgical competence and bedside manner are excellent. Dr. Waldrep is nice and easy to talk with, empathetic, intuitive, understanding, and a good surgeon. He is an expert in his field, and treats his patients with a great deal of respect. I am grateful to have a surgeon like him who truly understands the pain I have endured. One really gets the feeling he’s walked in your shoes which is pretty unique. He is interested in everyone’s story and is genuine. You could not ask for a better surgeon than Dr. Waldrep. His skill produces excellent results. I’ve lost 108 pounds in 12 months.


From what I’ve seen and done I’m really glad about my choice in Dr.’s …


Dr. Waldrep is super. I have had the best experiences with them so far.


I heard through his former and current patients that he is very competent, and has a good reputation… both entertaining (he has a great sense of humor) and informative. I was feeling pretty anxious about my surgery, but after my pre-op appointment with Dr. Waldrep I felt reassured and more confident. He took his time and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed or like I was asking questions he had already heard a million times.


Dr. Waldrep is very nice. I did not have to many questions but the ones I did he had the answer. My impression of the Dr. is still great. His availability is a little slim but he is a very busy surgeon.


Good guy – excellent surgeon. I’d rate Waldrep very high; I have had no negative experiences at all.


I was most pleased with Dr. Waldrep. I would choose to have surgery with Dr. Waldrep again.


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep is that he’s very approachable. He’s highly educated in this field, and that’s exactly what I wanted in a doctor. I found him to be easy enough to talk to, and even funny. I would rate Dr. Waldrep as an excellent choice for anyone’s laparoscopic surgery. He is highly skilled and has great expertise in his field. After all, we place our lives in his hands, so we have to rely on his education and track record, don’t we? I highly recommend him.
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When I met Dr. Waldrep at the surgery consult and I knew I was in the best of hands.


I was so glad to meet Dr. Waldrep. He is so down to earth. He was VERY good on explaining everything and, he stayed behind until every question was answered. I was very pleased.


Pleasant person to talk to, down to earth, very pleasant bedside manner.


Dr. Waldrep is quite the wiseacre and is quick to laugh. He’s a lot of fun to talk to, and you get the impression he really enjoys getting to know you and guiding you through this surgical process. He makes himself available to answer questions constantly, whether by e-mail, in person.


Everything I have heard about Dr. Waldrep is true; he was great!!!!! wonderful.


Dr. Waldrep is a great Doctor and he comes highly recommended by all of his former patients. I have not heard one bad thing about him. I have met with him several times and he seems to be very caring and not in a rush.


I found Dr. Waldrep to be extremely competent, knowledgeable and very personable. He completely set my mind at ease that I had chosen the right surgeon. My surgery went very smoothly. Anyone selecting this fine surgeon should have no fears or doubts whatsoever; the greatest.


Dr. Waldrep is a kind and highly skilled bariatric surgeon who completely empathizes with the plight of the patients. Since he PRIMARILY performs weight loss surgery, you know you are in good hands. My opinion of him has only improved on each occasion. You really couldn’t ask for a better surgeon.


First Impression: very professional and understanding of his patients. My opinion has not changed over time, and the more people I talk to who have also had him for a surgeon have had nothing but good to say about him. I give Dr. Waldrep a 10.


I had more than 100% confidence in Dr. Waldrep. I met several others who have been touched by this wonderful Dr. My surgery was a huge success. I feel great! I think Dr. Waldrep is the most professional, down to earth doctors that I have ever met. He cares about everyone and wants to make sure everyone is ok.


Dr. Waldrep is handsome, and has the bedside manner to match. He is an extremely a very dedicated doctor and works very long hours. He loves his job and has dedicated himself to helping the obesity problem in anyone’s life. He is awesome and very dedicated to his work and patients. I rate Dr. Waldrep the very highest 10 in the world; awesome and wonderful and I highly recommend him to anyone.


I give Dr. Waldrep an A+!


My medical office said that Dr. Waldrep was the best. A lady that I worked with said that he was the best. My Bariatric physician said that he was the best. (I’ve also seen his picture and he’s pretty good looking.)


I liked Dr. Waldrep, he is very sensitive and he is very committed to helping me attain my goals. Your life won’t be the same and neither will you’re eating. He is a skilled surgeon and he definitely knows what he is doing.


Dr. Waldrep was extremely helpful and informative, as well as friendly and witty. During the consult, Dr. Waldrep answered all questions and went into great detail about the surgery, the risks, benefits. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Waldrep to anyone seeking information regarding this surgery.


Waldrep is the greatest. My surgery went very well and the follow up was great. I really enjoy this surgeon. I highly recommend him to anyone.


Dr. Waldrep was very charming and funny. I left the consultation with renewed hope that this is really going to happen. I give Dr. Waldrep a 10/10.


Dr. Waldrep was very caring and attentive. I can’t express enough my thanks and appreciation for all the wonderful care I received. Overall – I have the highest respect and regard for Dr. Waldrep.


I met Dr. Waldrep and was very sweet. He asked me if I had any questions and I said, “not really, but I heard you were really good at this” and he said, “oh, yeah? Have you been talking to my mother?” HAHA!


Dr. Waldrep was very kind and thorough as well. He answered all my questions and is very compassionate. Dr. Waldrep performs the surgery laparoscopically. I would rate his bedside manner and skill an 11 on a scale of 1-10. He did an amazing job, I have tiny scars. For the first time in my life, I feel in control of my body. Would I recommend Dr. Waldrep??? You bet your life!


Dr. Waldrep is wonderful and I couldn’t have picked anyone better! I feel completely comfortable with him. If you are looking for a great surgeon you have no need to look any further!


Dr. Waldrep is the most caring, loving doctor I’ve ever met. His willingness to answer any questions you may have and arming you with all the information you need to know about surgery just goes to show he is on top of everything. Dr. Waldrep is very gentle, easy going, funny and makes you feel at ease. I’ve NEVER met a doctor like this. He takes his work very seriously and I feel I’m in the hands of the best surgeon in the area. I feel very blessed I found this doctor. I would rate Dr. Waldrep a 10.


Dr. Waldrep is great! He is nice and complete and very thorough.WHAT A GREAT DOCTOR! That is all I have to say. With his sensitivity and humor he manages to change a lot of lives. Great thanks and appreciation.


Dr. Waldrep is an amazing surgeon and very caring.


Dr. Waldrep was very informative to me, and open and honest


I just want to say that I think that Dr. Waldrep is the most wonderful doctor I have ever met. He has a great sense of humor and make you feel comfortable, and a wonderful bedside manner. Anyone who goes to Dr. Waldrep is very, very lucky!!


Extremely sweet, light hearted and kind. Very informative and thorough. Great sense of humor. It gets better each visit. A 10 in my book.


I was very impressed with Dr. Waldrep. He also has a great sense of humor. Dr. Waldrep is the absolute best! I don’t think I could have picked a better surgeon. I was told by the nursing staff at the hospital that Dr. Waldrep is very well respected and very well liked there. I know I could have not done any better because I got the best surgeons in my area.


Dr. Waldrep is completely dedicated to his patients. He really cares about each and every one and his attitude shows it.


Was impressed with Dr. Waldrep.


Dr. Waldrep was articulate, funny and really an advocate. He was very brilliant and had a great sense of humor. I think that I will be with the best surgeons that this area has to provide.


My first impression was that Dr. Waldrep was compassionate and knowledgeable. I became more impressed as I got to know him. Very competent and friendly; Dr. Waldrep is personable and has a nice sense of humor. I would give Dr. Waldrep a 10+.


I love his sense of humor. I wouldn’t change surgeons for the world.


I am very pleased with his approach, his willingness to discuss every question I have, and his respect for my desire to be informed and share in the decision making.


I found Dr. Waldrep to be very warm and caring and also easy to talk to. He is a very skilled surgeon and performed my procedure in just under an hour, with absolutely no complications.


Dr. Waldrep is AWESOME! My first impression was wonderful, very caring man. I would refer someone to him in a heartbeat! He took extra time with me to go through my list of questions (and boy did I have a list!) Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10 – I would have to give Dr. Waldrep an 11!


A lot of confidence. His work has proven true. I fully recommend him to everyone he is great all the way around.


I was impressed with Dr. Waldrep. He was thorough and informative. I would definitely use his services again.


Dr. Waldrep is a superb surgeon, and the most caring and involved physician you will ever meet in your life. There is not room for all the good things I could say about him. And I cannot think of anything to say about him that would be in any way negative. He is the best, without a doubt. There just aren’t enough good things to say about Dr. Waldrep. The man is an awesome surgeon and is well-respected and well-liked at the hospital. He’s also very funny and easy to talk to, and he always makes you feel as if he has all the time in the world to answer your questions. Very caring and generous. It just doesn’t get any better than this! I just cannot recommend Dr. Waldrep enough.


My opinion: Incredible surgeon – great bed-side manner, caring, considerate and I obviously trust him with my life.


Very knowledgeable and a good communicator. Very easy to ask questions of, and willing to take the time to ensure understanding. Overall rating of my experience with Dr. Waldrep is EXCELLENT in regards to both surgical competence and bedside manner.


Very impressed. Dr. Waldrep did not make you feel uncomfortable. He was very, very nice.


Seemed very compassionate and very thorough explaining the surgery. Overall, he seems to be a great surgeon. Nurses that have worked with him all talk very highly of him.


Dr. Waldrep was a very caring, understanding and genuinely interested in my well-being. I would rate my experience a 10! From the consultation to the surgery, Dr. Waldrep is the best. I can’t say enough especially about the way he handles family and friends. Every question you have will be answered and he will always ask the family if they have any questions before he leaves, which was very important to me. Both Dr. Waldrep’s bedside manner and surgical competence are top notch. I know this sounds biased but believe me when I say my family could not be happier with my whole scenario.


Dr. Waldrep loves what he does. He answers all your questions. He didn’t try to “sell” me on having him as his doctor. He was honest and I felt I was talking at the same level. His competence and bedside manner are a 10 in my book!


I thought he was wonderful. He answered all my questions, along with drawing a wonderful diagram of the surgery. He seemed caring and compassionate, which is more than some of the doctors out there.


My first impression of Dr. Waldrep was wow!!! He was very attentive to my every question. Dr. Waldrep was very open with me, explained everything to me about surgery and answered all my questions, and let me tell you there were a lot… Over all i would rate him a 10.


Dr. Waldrep has a wonderful personality. He seems caring and is extremely funny! He is the most compassionate Doctor I think I have ever met. He gives you his full attention, makes sure that you understand things completely. I was very impressed! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr Waldrep. He is so compassionate, it is so unusual to find this quality in a surgeon.


Dr. Waldrep is an awesome doctor. He is very kind and considerate of your individual situation. He makes you feel as if you are very special. He explains the whole surgery in detail and even explains other ones for comparison. I can’t say anything negative about Dr. W. He is great. Both His surgical competence and bedside manner is great.


Dr. Waldrep is the most helpful and compassionate doctor I’ve dealt with. He gets a ten on my rating.


I was impressed with his great since of humor, and his compassion. I felt he was truly concerned with my health and answered all my questions very thoroughly. He drew out by hand each step of the operation. He made me feel that I was in great hands. I feel very good about the whole process. This is also a very handsome physician. Makes a “fat” person think about all the person that we may become. Dr. Waldrep addressed every issue that I could think of.


Very warm man with a sense of humor… He was extremely informative and thorough. Nothing negative to say about him


He’s the most caring concerned doctor that I have ever met. He has been known for his humor, bedside manner and prompt call backs for any questions. He is a great guy and a wonderful surgeon.


He had everything under control at all times my health came first and he made that clear


I loved Dr. Waldrep, from the minute I met him there was this immediate trust in him. I can’t explain it but it’s true. He is very compassionate and caring. You couldn’t ask for a better doctor.


As a Critical Care Nurse, I am very cautious and particular picking the Drs. I choose for myself and family. I had a great review of Dr. Waldrep from a friend of mine, and was very impressed when I met him, reviewed his credentials. He is warm, caring, cautious and concerned. I think his surgical competence will be great, and I am sure his bedside manner is great.


Dr. W is kind, understanding and will put any worries you may have at ease. He is very knowledgeable and skillful. He only does Laparoscopic surgery. The recovery time and scarring are both minimal.


Very thorough. Very Sympathetic. My impression has not changed. Dr. Waldrep is a dedicated to assisting all patients with living healthier, happier lives.


You would think you were Dr. Waldrep’s only patient by how much time he spends with you and there are just not the words to describe his bedside manner, his patience, and his support. On a scale from 1-10, dr. Waldrep would get a 10 from me. His surgical expertise, his bedside manner was wonderful.


Dr. Waldrep is very professional, warm and witty. I was impressed with how spontaneously he recalled detailed information about me personally. His bedside manner is charming and it’s clear to me that he is surgically competent.


I was very impressed with Dr. Waldrep when I met with him for my initial consultation. He took as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions, he drew diagrams for me to take home to explain to my family. After surgery, he called me at home on the weekend to check-up. I highly recommend Dr. Waldrep-he’s an experienced laparoscopic surgeon. He’s got great people skills and his surgical skills are top notch.


Dr. Waldrep is a great guy.

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