7 Best Home Exercise Equipment Options for Bariatric Patients

Bariatric surgery can expedite your weight loss and improve your health and quality of life in several ways. However, colder weather, the pandemic, and your comfort level may make working out at the gym a challenge. You may also find the gym intimidating, or the hours may not align well with your schedule. Having exercise equipment at home provides you with the opportunity to work out in the comfort of your own home while avoiding germs and potential social anxiety as you navigate your new fitness routine.

However, buying home gym equipment can be stressful as well. You may not know what is worth the investment, or you may be worried that an expensive piece of equipment doesn’t suit your needs. The following are several pieces of bariatric-friendly equipment to expand your home gym:

  1. Quality shoes. Whether you want to hit the trails, climb some stairs, or use other home gym equipment, you need a quality pair of shoes first. Walking is a great beginner’s exercise option, but injuries from poor shoes can derail your weight loss. Avoid losing time to recovering from preventable injuries by investing in the appropriate athletic shoes.
  2. Elliptical. Ellipticals are great pieces of exercise equipment for bariatric patients as they eliminate stress and impact on your joints. You can get your arms involved to target additional muscle groups as well. If stationary equipment bores you, you can pass the time by reading or watching a show as you exercise.
  3. Rowing. Like the elliptical, a rowing machine removes joint impact. It also allows you to work out more than just your legs and arms. While rowing machines skew more toward the lower body muscle groups, this piece of equipment targets the upper body as well to deliver a full-body workout.
  4. Resistance bands. As your fitness improves, you will notice that bodyweight exercises don’t fatigue you as much as they did when you first started exercising. However, you may find free weights intimidating early in your fitness journey. You may also not have the storage space for multiple sets of dumbbells. Resistance bands are an excellent alternative as they intensify your workout without taking up much space.
  5. Mini trampoline. Finding low-impact cardio exercises can be a challenge as your fitness improves. If you’re looking to advance beyond the elliptical without straining your joints, mini trampolines/rebounders are a great option. These pieces of exercise equipment incorporate an element of fun into your fitness routine without sacrificing your hip and knee joints.
  6. Foam roller. You’re going to experience sore and aching muscles as you work on your fitness. Using a foam roller can reduce muscle soreness, tightness, and inflammation after a workout. Foam rollers can also improve your range of motion and relieve back tension.
  7. Dumbbells. After mastering bodyweight exercises and resistance bands, dumbbells are a great option to continue your fitness journey. Beginner sets range from two to five pounds and expand the variety of exercises available to you. Strength training also boosts weight loss as muscle mass is more effective at burning calories than fat. Many sets come with compact stands to save space as well.

Regular exercise is critical for long-term weight loss success, but you need to start slowly as you acclimate to the increased physical activity. Wherever you are in your health and fitness journey, you should always discuss changes to your exercise routine with your doctor first. Contact us to learn more about the long-term benefits of weight loss surgery.

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