How to Work Out Without a Gym After Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery can help you jumpstart your weight loss, but long-term success depends on how well you commit to making healthy lifestyle changes. In addition to following a bariatric diet, you will need to exercise to experience significant weight loss. Medical experts recommend 150 minutes of exercise per week. Be sure to start slowly and build up your stamina over time to avoid injuries.

However, accessing a gym isn’t always a possibility. You may not have a gym within a reasonable driving distance, or the membership fees may be too steep. Some prefer to avoid the gym altogether because it’s intimidating. With the ongoing pandemic, many gyms have restrictions as well.

Despite these hurdles, you can find other ways to work out without a gym. Some examples include:

  1. Walking or running. If you prefer being outdoors for your workout, walking or running are great options. Set a pace that challenges you and gets your heart pumping.
  2. Another great outdoor exercise option is hiking. You can use a mobile app to find hiking trails near you. Many allow you to set parameters, such as distance, difficulty, and if it is dog friendly.
  3. If joint pain limits your activities, going for a bike ride is a great option. Cycling puts much less strain on your joints so you can partake in outdoor exercise.
  4. Online workouts. If you prefer to work out indoors but have no idea where to begin, online workouts are an excellent option. You can browse Pinterest, YouTube, or other popular fitness channels to find a workout that suits your fitness level. Online workouts also take the guesswork out of planning an exercise routine, as you can follow along with the instructor.
  5. Workout apps. Workout apps are a good option if you want greater control over your workouts. Many workout apps let you filter your search results by duration, difficulty, workout type, and more.
  6. Home gym. Your mind is better prepared to work out when you have a dedicated workout space. Setting up a home gym can also give you more flexibility when deciding your workout for the day. Your home gym can be as simple as some dumbbells and a yoga mat, or you can invest in a variety of equipment to suit your workout preferences.
  7. Taking the stairs over the elevator is a great way to sneak in some extra steps for the day. You can make it a workout by climbing some bleachers or using your house stairs to get your heart rate pumping. You can include variations such as sidestepping or taking the stairs two steps at a time.
  8. Many household chores are laborious. If you pick up your pace while cleaning, you can get your heart rate up and burn a surprising number of calories. Turn your next cleaning day into a workout by sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and scrubbing the tub as quickly as you can.

You don’t need a gym to exercise and lose weight after bariatric surgery. Whether you prefer outdoor workouts or exercising in the privacy of your home, you have many options. Contact us to learn more about the health benefits of weight loss surgery.


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