How Are You Going To Survive Thanksgiving After Bariatric Surgery?

Roast Chicken

Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for anyone concerned about cutting calories and/or controlling their food intake.  This goes for anyone after bariatric surgery or for those who have worked so hard on cutting calories and getting your figure back. This festive time of year poses unique challenges to those who have had weight loss surgery including the gastric band, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy or my innovative WRAP.

These following steps can help you stay on track with a plan!

Step one – if you are hosting the meal, download this great recipe guide.  If you are the lucky one to host, you get to determine what is served.  If you are planning on visiting someone else’s home for the feast, making a couple of recipes to bring will help you stick to the plan.

Step two is having the right mindset going into the big feast – come to the table knowing what you should and should not be eating… Stick to the plan as much as you can!

Step three – instead of making the focus the food, make your focus about being with family and friends.   Enjoy the time together, telling stories of past times, play some board games, and talk about the things you are most grateful for – each taking a turn around the table.

Step four – after the big feast suggest a family and friend walk to a local park or around the neighborhood.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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