How Much Can You “GAIN?”

A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life

“How much have you lost?” That is probably the most common question we hear in Doctor Waldrep’s weight wellness office. Now, did you notice that I did not say ‘Dr. Waldrep’s weightloss” practice? That is because for so long, we have all focused on what we do not have, or do not want. Our mission is to get into the supportive habit of asking ourselves and our patients “How much have you gained?? How much energy? How much renewal? How much health? How much vitality? How much space in your medicine cabinet?” Our goal is to focus on the positive aspects. While this is not a new idea, it is far too often easier to be pulled into a negative perspective.

Ever since Dr. Waldrep decided to work with the issues of body image and body weight, he has emphasized the attainment of the (seemingly im-) possible! As a supporter of Dr. Waldrep’s practices, I have authored a column* over the years, titled “Dreams Have Wings™”. These articles emphasize that weight “loss” is only a small part of all encompassing wellness – a state of health that all of us deserve. The idea of being unencumbered — by weight, negativity, poor self-image, the unrealistic, or uneducated expectations of others — is actually the goal of personal achievement, brilliance, and abundance.

Does that sound too ‘new-agey’? Well, you are entering a new age. Actually, Dr Waldrep and I call it the “Now Age” And what you will remember (and be remembered for) is up to you. We enjoy presenting stories, ideas, and lessons to help you on your journey to wellness.

We believe that this mindset practice is exciting and pertinent; whether you are a surgical patient… or just a typical human being interested in weight and personal development! The following list of foundational questions is a great way to become self aware of the self talk in your head and tuning in to what may need to be shifted.  They help bring clarity, bring out false beliefs that aren’t serving you and help you hone in on what things may be holding you back so you are aware of what needs to be shifted. They also bring out what IS working for you and those are the things we need to focus in on and grow.

  • Who Are You?
  • What Do You Want?
  • How Can You Create A Positive Attitude?
  • How Can You Overcome Blocks or Hurdles?
  • How Can You Release The “How” & Just Dream?
  • How Do You Generate Inspired Action?
  • How Do You Identify Your Inner Allies?
  • How Do You Identify Empowered Support Partners?
  • What’s the Importance of Expressing?
  • How Do You Connect the Dots?
  • Why Is It Important to Contribute to This World?
  • What Does It Mean To Consciously Manifest & Celebrate?

Hundreds of clients have expressed their belief that each of these segments is pertinent to our evolution as empowered individuals.

Welcome… let’s get started on creating your own inspiring weight wellness story.   Email Us today learn how Dr. Waldrep can show you alternative ways to help you succeed in your weight loss journey!

To your Health!

Dr. Waldrep and Lisa Waldrep

*Read BODY AND SOUL by Lisa Janks Waldrep and Dr. Donald Waldrep

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