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Guest Blog by Dr. Hardick – Is There a Dark Side to Ketosis?

The Keto Diet is getting more and more attention and seems to be the latest craze in diets.  However, most people don’t really understand what a Keto Diet is and what the benefits come with it.  Dr. Hardick in his blog, “Is there a Dark Side to Keytosis” explained it quite well in layman terms […]

Diet To Expect Post Weight Loss Surgey

What Diet to Expect Post Weight Loss Surgery

Deciding to have weight loss surgery always comes with a slew of questions from my patients.  One of the most common questions is what kind of diet to expect once you have taken the plunge.  It is important to know that there are certain foods to ignore post-bariatric surgery, and others to make sure you […]

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Is Cholesterol a Good or Bad Thing?

Mainstream media has villainized cholesterol, but why?  Did you know that cholesterol is vital for: Brain function – your body uses cholesterol to power electrical signals.  In fact, your brain has the highest concentration of cholesterol in your body. Hormone production – cholesterol is the precursor for the synthesis of hormones such as testosterone and […]

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A Happy New Year Boost to Help Achieve Your Goals

Happy New Year!  The best part of a new year is it gives you the opportunity for a new you and the opportunity to evaluate what is working for you and what things may need to shift in order to reach your goals….even though it sounds so cliché! Now that we are in full swing […]

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Could it be your thyroid that is causing weight loss resistance?

“I seem to be doing everything right, but I’ve stopped losing weight!” As a doctor I hear this quite often.  There are many reasons outside of your eating and exercise habits that could be causing a plateau in your weight loss journey.  It’s important to understand a whole picture of what could be going on […]

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How Are You Going To Survive Thanksgiving After Bariatric Surgery?

Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for anyone concerned about cutting calories and/or controlling their food intake.  This goes for anyone after bariatric surgery or for those who have worked so hard on cutting calories and getting your figure back. This festive time of year poses unique challenges to those who have had weight loss […]