Weight Loss

Could it be your thyroid that is causing weight loss resistance?

“I seem to be doing everything right, but I’ve stopped losing weight!” As a doctor I hear this quite often.  There are many reasons outside of your eating and exercise habits that could be causing a plateau in your weight loss journey.  It’s important to understand a whole picture of what could be going on […]

Roast Chicken

How Are You Going To Survive Thanksgiving After Bariatric Surgery?

Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for anyone concerned about cutting calories and/or controlling their food intake.  This goes for anyone after bariatric surgery or for those who have worked so hard on cutting calories and getting your figure back. This festive time of year poses unique challenges to those who have had weight loss […]

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Cave-men and Calories… How’d we get so confused?

As a doctor that specializes in all aspects of the weight loss journey, I have an opportunity to debunk a tremendous amount of misconceptions.  One of the most prevalent is the idea that ancient humanity had a much easier time with their weight than we all do in modern times. Bottom line – the degree […]

A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life

How Much Can You “GAIN?”

“How much have you lost?” That is probably the most common question we hear in Doctor Waldrep’s weight wellness office. Now, did you notice that I did not say ‘Dr. Waldrep’s weightloss” practice? That is because for so long, we have all focused on what we do not have, or do not want. Our mission […]

Measuring Vest Size

Calories are not snowballs

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions in weight loss management is that people who are overweight – even very overweight – are sitting at a table eating mountains of food. Most patients who come to see me express intense frustration with their weight. They swear to me up and down that their weight problem is […]

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Feeding the Hungry Soul

Most of us eat three times a day, but how often do feel really satiated? We know a heap of blueberry pancakes and fried bacon satisfies us much more than a half grapefruit. But we tell ourselves that it’s not “healthy” to indulge ourselves. Instead of eating with gusto and enjoying the experience, we hold […]